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In Memoriam 

Right of Way Cares (ROW Cares) grew from the success of the Dan Ewing Memorial Golf Tournament (DEM GT), which began as a small way for the International Right of Way Association’s (IRWA) Houston Chapter to honor a long-time friend and Right of Way Industry Leader, Dan Ewing when he passed. He was a member of the IRWA Pipeline Committee, a certified IRWA Instructor, 2002 IRWA Chapter 8 Professional of the Year for 2002 and President of IRWA Chapter 8. Dan served the Pipeline Right of Way Industry for over 25 years and had become a nationally respected, well-known and well-liked Leader in the Industry.


Dan Ewing never surrendered to cancer his humor, his love for life and people, or his faith. Right of Way Cares' aspiration is to honor those Right of Way Professionals within our Community who have passed and to keep their legacies alive.

Each year, the DEM GT honors those within our industry that are no longer with us.

With your help, their legacies live on.

Please join us in taking a moment to acknowledge those who have since passed. 

Alan Wurtz, SR/WA

Bob Crabb

Bruce Trepl, Sr.

Buddy Garidel

Calvin T. Ladner, PE

Dan Ewing

Dennis Pilkington

Derek Smith

Ed Peck

Gregory Cook

Hank Taylor

Haskel Rogers

James "Jim" Kelly

Jeff Blake

Jesse Lewallen

Jim "JR" Quasny

John Little

Linda Mathews

Lisa Kay Turner Brown

Michael Brown

Mark Waters

Marty Taylor

Patrick Brady

Phil Rogers

Robert Montgomery

Robert Thornton, SR/WA

Ron Stokes, SR/WA

Sam Sullivan

Stephen Johnson

Steve Bush

Tim Suttle

Todd Bland

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